Nursery Rooms

Depending on the age of your child, we have several different rooms that all offer different levels of care and activities.

Mini Me - Baby Room

Mini Me Private Day Nursery has been carefully designed to stimulate every child according to their age and individual needs.

We have a wonderfully light, airy baby room that can accommodate up to twelve babies, it has been divided into section for non mobile and mobile babies.

In the baby room the children are cared for by shared key workers that provide stability for both children and their parents. We appreciate babies will not all have a sleep routine so we will follow the babies home routine/usual pattern as much as possible, as it helps to build trust and confidence between child and carer. The Nursery sleep pattern for the babies are generally between 10am-11am and/or 12-2pm.

We also offer home diaries to the parents, written by the individual key worker re-telling of their child’s day at nursery.

The baby room encourages new experiences to develop their physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills. We provide a variety of games and activities adapted to the child’s age, including painting, colouring, water and sand play, cooking, singing and dancing, story time etc, the older babies are also taken to our fantastic ball pit to have great fun.
Staff to child ratio in the baby room is 1:3

Mini Me - Toddler Room

As the children progress they enter our toddler room, this room provides a more structured routine for children.

The toddler room has been designed to promote all area’s of development, in particular exploring through sand and water play and creative activities, The toddlers are encouraged to share their toys, take turns and tidy up after themselves!

A role play area and the world of play and imagination can also be found in this room. All equipment provided is age and stage appropriate for inquisitive minds.
Staff to child ratio in the toddler room is 1:4

Mini Me - Pre School

Our next room is for the Pre School where we can continue to extend skills and abilities within our planned curriculum and activities.

As the children learn through play, plenty of quality experiences are organised in this area. With the added introduction of a computer, mathematical and social skills, music and movement, drama and reading we encourage the children to share and respect each other and become as independent as possible. The emphasis here is to extend your children’s experiences to an optimum to assist their developing minds.
Staff to child ratio in the pre school room is 1:8

Outside play

Fresh air and outside play is an essential part of ay child’s day. We like to establish positive attitudes towards a healthy and active way of life.

At Mini Me we provide a large pleasant enclosed safe outdoor play area with a wide selection of outdoor equipment.

The outdoor area will challenge children’s motor skills such as balancing, jumping and skipping whilst play with cars and trikes it will extend their imaginations in the world of make believe. These skills show themselves, in a child’s growing confidence, increasing ability and use of control and coordination.

First and foremost your children are well cared for and have great safe fun!

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